DC Collectibles Announces New DC Icons Figures And Accessories Ahead of Toy Fair

DC Collectibles IconsDC Collectibles’ big day of reveals continues with new additions to their 6-inch scale DC Icons line.

Based on iconic comic versions of DC characters, hence the Icons moniker, DCC will expand the Icons line to include a third series of figures, figure multi-packs, deluxe figures and two accessory sets.

The singled-carded third series of Icons figures includes Deathstroke, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman, each accessorized with switch-out hands and character accurate weapons. Joining the single-carded figures are two deluxe figures; Cyborg with a generator and interchangeable arms and Batgirl with her motorcycle. The deluxe figure will be priced $45, a $17 difference from the $28 single-carded figures.

Figure multi-packs are also on DCC’s Icons with a Darkseid and Grail two-pack scheduled for release in Oct. DCC did not hold back when scaling Darkseid, who towers above the basic 6-inch figures at double their size. Darkseid includes his axe and switch-out hand and Grail comes with a cloak and additional hands, as well. The two-pack is priced $100. A Justice League seven-pack was mentioned in a DC Collectibles media release, but no photos or additional information was provided.

Finally, DC Collectibles is ensuring collectors can display their Icons figures in any way imaginable announcing accessory packs to compliment existing figures and introduce new, smaller characters, alike. The first of the two new accessory packs includes a Ch’P mini-figure, two Batarangs, two of Joker’s fish, four trick arrows for the Green Arrow, a Bat Zipline Gun with stringed suction cups, a blast effect and shield for the Green Lantern, and a Jay Garrick Flash helmet with trophy case. The second accessory pack includes a Bat-Mite mini-figure, a Green Lantern boxing glove effect, Starro Face Huggers, Harley Quinn’s baseball bat and pie bomb, the Flash’s running hands with effect, the Helmet of Nabu with a trophy case. Like the singled-carded Icons figures, the Icons accessory packs are priced $28. The first accessory pack is scheduled for a Sept. release, with the second following in Oct.

Source: IGN

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