Day of the Viking Mobile Game Review

Last week the latest from Adult Swim Games was released, Day of the Viking. The game was developed by Vorax Studios. This is a casle defense game, that can be pretty addictive. As you can guess, it involves vikings. Lots of them. Players must defend their castle against the invading vikings with arrows or a rock catapult. Both forms of defense options take a little brain power to figure out trajectories, but don’t worry, this will come easy.

Coins are also dropped by fallen vikings, which must be retrieved by a coin collector that you need to defend too. You can expect to defend your castle through 80 levels. If you have played any other Adult Swim titles, specifically Castle Doombad, then you know that there is plenty of challenging fun to be had.

I have been enjoying Day of the Viking and find it a pretty good time waster. I generally play it when I’m on break at work or waiting to pass some time waiting on something. With the challenge of getting the right shot before you are overrun, I’m quickly becoming addicted to it. It is worth the $2.99 price tag. There are also some in-app purchases, but aren’t needed to play. At this time, it looks like this is only available for iOS devices. Hopefully a release for Android is coming soon.

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