David Vonner Quits Jazwares

toy-news-and-talkSome may or may not be familiar with the name David Vonner, but you are familiar with his work. Vonner was a Senior Product Designer at Hasbro up until earlier this year when he was let go in the layoffs at Hasbro. He worked on the Marvel Universe line up until Hasbro let him go.

His mark was left on the Marvel Universe line with release of the “Bag Head” Spider-Man variant figure in the latest wave of MU, a figure that he rallied to get produced. Now just a short time ago he went to Jazwares headquarters to interview for a job position there. They wanted him to come in and help turn some of their product around. Most notably their current Mortal Kombat line.

Well according to site contributor Cordicon (aka Sean) who broke this news, David Vonner has quit Jazwares due to them not seeing eye-to-eye on things. Check out this video for the full news report from The Pop Culture Network site. (Thanks goes to both Sean and PCN for the info.)

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