Dark Knight Trilogy Lego Tumbler Coming in September

There have been Lego Batmobiles, but there hasn’t been a Lego Batmobile like this. Lego has announced a 1,869 piece Tumbler Batmobile, based on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Batman trilogy, scheduled for release in September.

The 15-inch tall armored Lego Tumbler has rubber tires, a functioning interior with console and a display base with spec plate to showcase the two included minifigures; Batman and a Heath Ledger inspired Joker.

The Lego Tumbler will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con before it goes on sale in September for $199 in Lego stores and Shop.Lego.com.

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  • Amazing. One of the best products ever released from Lego. I would buy it but it’s too expensive when I’m older then! I like the figures as well but the batman looks a little of in comparison with the DKR version. Why not do a figure line?