Dark Horse To Publish New Halo Comics

comic-book-newsAnnounced today at C2E2, Dark Horse Comics revealed a new Halo comic book series. The new series is titled Halo: Initiation follows the early career of Sarah Palmer. First introduced in Halo 4, Palmer, is a super soldier of the Spartan-V program, but before that, she was a ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper). And in Halo: Initiation, we learn what she went through to be eventually become the heroine that she is today. The new series will launch in August and it is written by Brian Reed (Halo: Fall of Reach) and with art by Marco Castiello (Star Wars: Purge). From this announcement, it looks like Dark Horse is starting to line-up some new big properties to replace the huge gap that will be created when they lose the Star Wars license next year. (Source: MTV Geek)


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