Daniel Acuña Taking Over as Uncanny Avengers Regular Artist

comic-book-newsToday during a conference call, Marvel Comics announced that Daniel Acuña would be taking over as the regular artist on Uncanny Avengers from John Cassaday, starting with issue #6 in March. It was previously reported that Oliver Coipel would be filling in on issue #5, making Uncanny Avengers #4 Cassaday‘s last issue. Cassaday will however be remaining on as the cover artist. I can’t say this comes as a surprise, even though he’s an incredible artist (I’m a big fan myself), he is notoriously late. I commend Marvel for switching things around to keep Uncanny Avengers on track. I hope they do this with any other titles that are in risk of the same thing. Acuña is no stranger to the Avengers either, as he was the regular artist for a while on Bendis’ Avengers book.

Acuña‘s first issue of Uncanny Avengers, tells a story of a younger Thor in the 11th century whom has an encounter with a younger Apocalypse. This issue kicks off the next story arc titled, Ragnarok Now. You can check out a preview of the issue below and look for Uncanny Avengers #6 on sale in March 2013. (Source: iFanboy)

uncanny-avengers-6-cover uncanny-avengers-6-preview-01 uncanny-avengers-6-preview-02 uncanny-avengers-6-preview-03 uncanny-avengers-6-preview-04

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  • That looks great!

    • Agreed. I really enjoyed his work on Avengers. Looking forward to this.