Cyclops to Hang With His Dad in New Upcoming Marvel NOW! Series

comic-book-newsMarvel has announced that in May, Cyclops will be venturing on his own in a new series. This new series will be by writer Greg Rucka along with breakout artist Russell Dauterman. I’m sure you are saying Cyclops? His own series? Well this is going to be the younger Scott Summers from the All-New X-Men series and he will be hanging out with his dad, Christopher Summers, the pirate known to the galaxy as Corsair of the Starjammers!

Now this actually sounds pretty cool. Sure Cyclops can be kind of dry at times, but I think the idea has some great possibilities. It is also interesting to see Marvel venturing out into space more. Head on over to to check out an interview with writer Greg Rucka as he discusses this upcoming series. Look for Cyclops #1 this May! (Source: Marvel)


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