Custom Heads and New Kabuto Mushi Colorways Available From The GodBeast!

Not sure if this was intended or not, but new product has quietly hit The GodBeast store. Marty “The GodBeast” Hansen has teased some new head sculpts leading up to the arrival of them in the store and they look great. There is a nice variety of alien/insect like heads that are all Glyos compatible. So you don’t need to use them just with your Kabuto Mushi’s, you can use them with any Glyos compatible figure. They are limited runs, so they run a little more at $15 each.

Speaking of Kabuto Mushi, there are some new colorways in the store too. These new colors are very close to some recent offerings, so they will look great displayed with them. Each Kabuto Mushi is priced at $12. There is also stock available of recent releases too. You can check them all out in the store here.

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