Cosplayer Builds A Badass Halo Spartan Armor!

it-came-from-the-interwebsCosplayer and Halo fan, LILTyrant has without a doubt, built one badass looking Halo Spartan Armor. She started the project earlier this year in January, and finished it towards the end of last month. She posted her progress along the way here at the 405th Infantry Division Halo fansite, but if you don’t want to click-through 70+ pages of posts, you can start here on the 63rd page where she posts images of the painted Halo armor. Definitely check it out, it is most impressive and worth your time (unless your name is Tony Harris). (Source: GameInformer via 405th Inf. Div.)

cosplay-halo-spartan-armor-by-liltyrant-01 cosplay-halo-spartan-armor-by-liltyrant-02 cosplay-halo-spartan-armor-by-liltyrant-03

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