CONSTANTINE Season Ahead Promo and Next Episode Preview Clip

Did you catch the premiere episode of Constantine last night? What did you think? Personally thought it wasn’t bad. A little rough around the edges, but that is to be expected with pilot episodes. I can see this easily surpassing Gotham on my list. You should already see change come the second episode, as Lucy Griffiths‘ character “Liv” has been dropped from the show and replaced by Angelica Celaya who is playing Zed.

In the first preview clip from next week’s episode, we are introduced to Celaya’s character Zed. She has been seeing John Constantine in her dreams, but doesn’t know why, she has never met him before. In their first meeting, John doesn’t think much of her, thinks she is trying to scam him, but what is the real story here?

Also get a look at what is coming up in the first season of the new DC freshman series with the look ahead promo. The next episode of Constantine titled, “The Darkness Beneath,” premieres on Halloween night, Friday, October 31st at 10pm EST on NBC.

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