Combat Creatures Rampaging Rex and Terrifying Tyrannosaur Now Available

toy-news-and-talkLast weekend I posted about a new line of figures — inspired by the vintage Battle Beasts toy line — coming from Trent Troop. We were introduced to two figures in what would be known as Combat Creatures, and they were Rampaging Rex and Titanic Triceratops.

In that post I passed along the word that you could get your hands on test shots of these first 2-inch figures that are being digitally printed. These figures were available as Trent worked out any issues in his designs. And you could save a bit of money since there was no markup involved in the prototypes.

Now I am happy to say that the first Combat Creatures figure has been tested and now available in a production capacity. Rampaging Rex is the first out of the gate, along with a “repaint” called Terrifying Tyrannosaur. Both are priced at $16. You can get yours by visiting the store here.

Trent also posted some digital previews of one of the next figures to be offered in the Combat Creatures line, Stalwart Styracosaurus. Part of the second wave, this figure is another big guy, just 5% smaller than Titanic Triceratops. More details and previews to come!

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