Clearer Hi-Res Images of Transformers Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack!

toy-news-and-talkHere’s a little treat, this morning TakaraTomy designer, Shogo Hasui posted a clearer, better look at the Transformers Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack figure! An image of a prototype surfaced on Friday that showed us what the figure may look like once it enters production.

With this new image we have a great look at MP-20 Wheeljack and he looks just awesome. There aren’t many details available at this time, but based on an Amazon Japan listing, the first run will come with the Anti-Hypnosis Device featured in the original G1 cartoon.. Stay tuned for more as it becomes available. Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack is available for pre-order and is priced at $79.99. (Source: Twitter & Facebook)

UPDATE: Added more images that were posted at the Planet Iacon Facebook page. Plus out first look at the Anti-Hypnosis Device thanks to an update Amazon Japan listing.

transformers-masterpiece-mp-20-wheeljack-prototype-011414 transformers-masterpiece-mp-20-wheeljack-prototype-02-011414 transformers-masterpiece-mp-20-wheeljack-prototype-03-011414 transformers-masterpiece-mp-20-wheeljack-prototype-alt-mode-011414 transformers-masterpiece-mp-20-wheeljack-prototype-alt-mode-02-011414 transformers-masterpiece-mp-20-wheeljack-prototype-04-011414 transformers-masterpiece-mp-20-wheeljack-prototype-alt-mode-03-011714

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