Clean Room #2 (Vertigo), Where Nightmares Come To Life

The second issue of Gail Simone’s new creator-owned series, Clean Room, kicks things off with a very twisted (pun intended) murder. The man Chloe Pierce visited before meeting with Astrid Mueller, a former friend of her fiancé’s has been found mysteriously and brutally murdered.

We last left Chloe face-to-face with Mueller — who is in search of answers to why her fiancé killed himself after becoming obsessed with Astrid Mueller and her self-help program. Now with the chance to face her, Chloe soon find herself on the defense, but she won’t stay there, she wants answers.

After refusing to accept Mueller’s dismissal for the most part and being yelled at by a demon again (where is this going?), she is finally given admittance into the Clean Room. This deep secret room is finally revealed to the readers when we are introduced to Dwight Fennister, whom we learn is a murderer of children. But once he is let go after confessing to these murders, Chloe kind of looses her mind. She is told by Mueller that it is not her place to exact authority over him since she is not the law.

It is quickly revealed that there are dark forces at play here when Fennister returns to his home and his nightmare seems to have come to life and “deals” with him. Pretty much taking justice for what he has done.

So, we have been introduced to the Clean Room, but do we have any idea of what exactly is really about? Does it let nightmares out into the world? What exactly is its purpose? And what exactly is Astrid Mueller? Is she human? Does she have abilities of some kind?

The Good: Simone continues to weave a tale of mystery and I’m very much interested in where this goes. She dangles the right amount of answers before reeling you in with more questions.

The Bad: For now I’m biting. I’m on the line for the deep secrets here, but don’t leave me hanging too long.

Overall Clean Room #2 continues the mystery of the first issue all while giving us many more questions. This horror-fantasy story has some great writing and art, making it worthy pick for your money.

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