Clean Room #1 (Vertigo), Gail Simone’s Creator-Owned Series Will Reel You In!

In her first creator-owned book under Vertigo Comics, Gail Simone (Secret Six, Birds of Prey) brings a tale of creepy tale of self-help and the world between religion and psychology with Clean Room #1. Immediately you know something is just not right in the world within the first few pages as a delivery truck driver runs over a little girl and shows no remorse in the fact.

But the girl is not killed, she is what you might say awakened? At this point it is not revealed what is going on with the little girl, but my guess is that she can see the evil in the world for what it truly is. The true face of it. This is only a guess and I’m looking forward to seeing if this correct or not.

We are then introduced to Chloe Pierce, whom after trying to take her own life, is rescued and becomes overtaken with the need to find out what happened to cause her now deceased fiancé, Philip, to take his life after becoming obsessed with Astrid Mueller’s book and seeing something in the Clean Room that drove him over the edge. Even after a warning from Philip’s friend Mikey, Chloe is determined to find answers.

In trying to face Astrid Mueller, Chloe is derailed by her assistant Ms. Reed, who is a scary person and what Chloe sees in her might be the first clue about why, but really only gives the readers more questions.

The first issue doesn’t answer a thing. Which is to be expected. I sets up the reader with many questions and possible clues, like what are these demons? Is the little girl from the beginning of the issue Astrid Mueller? (I’m pretty sure it is.) And most importantly, what is the Clean Room?

The Good: Gail Simone constructs a wonderful tale of suspense and mystery with a touch of horror. Artist Jon Davis-Hunt illustrates the story beautifully.

The Bad: Too short? I would have liked to have seen an extra page first issue to give us just a little more to chew on.

Overall, Clean Room #1 is a great start to Simone’s latest creator-owned project. I’m hooked for now and can’t wait to read where this goes and get some of those questions answered.

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