Check Out A Preview of G.I. Joe: Special Missions from IDW Publishing

comic-book-newsIDW is relaunching their G.I. Joe titles for 2013. Along with relaunching them, they are shaking up some of the creative teams. Chuck Dixon who is the writer of G.I. Joe and Snake Eyes currently, will be moving over to the new G.I. Joe: Special Missions title. Where the relaunched G.I. Joe title will feature Duke and a more public team of Joes, Special Missions will feature Scarlett and a covert team of Joes. Both serving the same end goal, take down Cobra. And if you head on over to USA Today, fellow geek and G.I. Joe fan Brian Truitt has a little treat for you, a preview of G.I. Joe Special Missions and a sit down with writer Chuck Dixon and artist Paul Gulacy. So get moving!


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    I hate Chuck Dixon… he has no understanding of these characters at all. This whole Scarlett vs Snake Eyes is dumb, RAH Larry Hama Scarlett would never act like thi at all. Sanke didn’t do anything to make them come after him and nobody questions this like Scarlett… it’s only in Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow issue #19, where Scarlett states that she believes Snake Eyes is working deep cover… why she didn’t come to this conclusion sooner???

    And as I suspected all along… anyone who asked Chuck Dixon if Snake Eyes and Scarlett were going to be together… Chuck said that it was eventually going to happen… but as reported, it was all a lie. He’s putting her with someone else, someone who she had very little contact with, they share nothing in common, he stalked her from afar and there was no buildup to it at all… what was the point of her having any scenes with Snake Eyes throughout this whole series????? I just don’t get it

    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with exploring other relationships. I do think Dixon would have brought them together, but I think IDW decided to change things up again. And since Dixon’s stories are really dragged out, he didn’t get to it in time. Just a thought.