Captain American Beats Batman and Superman in Release Date Fight


It’s a boyhood rite of passage to have a discussion about whether Batman or Superman would win in fight, but in the movie world Captain America beats them both.

Warner Bros. has announced it’s changing the release date for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice from May 6, 2016 to March 25, 2016. The date shift for the DC superhero flick is in response to Marvel’s announcement that their third Captain America movie would also be opening May 6, 2016. This is the third date shift for Dawn of Justice, which was originally slated for July 2015 debut.

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  • Mike_5555

    I’m just not excited for Batman vs. Superman. I wasn’t a huge fan of Man of Steel and I think it’s way too soon to reboot Batman. The Dark Knight trilogy was one of the most critically and financially successful franchises of all time and it doesn’t feel right to put up a new version just 3 years after it wrapped up. It just feels like a cash grab and Warner Brothers/DC are rushing to establish a cinematic universe to catch up to Marvel’s success. DC has done a great job with their TV shows though. Arrow is fantastic and The Flash looks great too.

    • I agree. I think it’s too soon to do this. If DC was going to do this, they should have planned it a little better and continued TDK with Bale as Batman and wrapped it into this. I just don’t like the thought of another Batman reboot. It’s overkill and you’re right, it’s DC trying to copy Marvel’s success.