[RUMOR] Bradley Cooper Being Considered for New Indiana Jones?

hollywood-movie-newsAn interesting rumor going around this morning. Latino Review is reporting that Disney is looking a list of actors to replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. One name on that list is Bradley Cooper. The idea here is, that Indiana Jones will become the “American James Bond” film series. With a rotating lead in the titular character.

They also say Frank Darabont, who actually wrote a script for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but was not used for the final production, has already pitched an idea for a new Indiana Jones movie. So what do you think about this news? Is Harrison Ford the only man to play our favorite historian adventurer? I’m kind of torn on the idea. (Source: /Latino-Review)

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  • SS210

    I would personally like to see Harrison do one more time.

  • Spiderpope

    Let Indy regenerate. Harrison Ford has been phoning in his acting for years now, let someone else take on the role.

  • SS210

    I don’t know, I see pros and cons to both. For me personally, theres just something iconic about Harrison Ford putting on the hat and grabbing the whip for one more adventure. One of the reasons why Lethal Weapon 4 was so special to me. Sure, they could of did a reboot with a younger cast for more action scenes, but there was just something special about seeing Riggs and Murtaugh back again. I guess I’m just weird like that lol

  • Nick

    I read somewhere that this hasn’t been completely confirmed, then again we probably wouldn’t be hearing anything about that any time soon. I do remember reading that with Harrison, part of his deal being Han again would there being another Indy in the works. In terms of Indy being recast, really wondering how that would work. Would it just be another Indy, no questions asked? Would he be granted the roll, like he is given the hat and given Indy’s blessings? Would he be an older Shia, meaning things would start being more and more modern? Since Crystal Skull was some time in the 50’s, a newer one going that direction would be in the 70’s? I dont know, something about Indy not fighting Nazis kind of sucks -__- But like SS210 said, there are pros and cons, and either way, Bradley would have to do a really good job to be accepted.