Botcon 2014 Weekend Recap


Botcon, official Hasbro sponsored Transformers Collectors’ convention wrapped up this weekend and a lot of fantastic surprises were revealed for the rabid fan base on the eve of Transformers: Age of Extinction. Whether or not you’ll embrace the flipping and spinning of the new condensed movie transformations, there is enough offered in the Generations sub series and third-party figures to scratch your Cybertronian itch.

Botcon 2014 attendees were the first to view the San Diego Comic-Con sets in person. In the Ark display box were the movie Dinobots in Generation One colors. Joining them are the Knights of Unicron set, featuring your favorite Transformers performing as a hair band, complete with wigs, 80s patterned deco, cloth ties, and instruments. Also debuting at the show are Masterpiece Prowl and Sunstorm (based on the MP-11 Starscream), both coming to a Toys R Us near you! Also in the display booth alongside various movie-based figures were Generations Windblade, Jhiaxus, and Nightbeat, Voyager Class Sky-Byte and Roadbuster, and Leader Class Jetfire. The day wrapped up with the Fan Experience ending with the new 2014 inductees in the Hall of Fame.

Saturday gave us the always-anticipated Hasbro brands panel. Among the highlights were two new Megatrons: one Armada-inspired, and one based on the IDW comic series, complete with sticker sheet to customize him as an autobot per the comic storyline. Fembot fans will rejoice with a very Generation One-esque Arcee (the first car mode transformer since the Animated version), and IDW-style Chromia with an alt-mode very similar to Prime Arcee (complete with a few reused parts and transformation scheme). Besides Voyager Brainstorm with Headmaster pilot and a brand-new Optimus, brand new versions of Powerglide and Bombshell were a pleasant surprise! At the display booth, various Age of Extinction figures were added to the already dynamic presentation.

Check out the Botcon 2014 photo gallery, courtesy of Hasbro, for all of the amazing figures coming soon from the Robots in Disguise! With a fourth movie under their belt and a diverse portfolio, the future is bright for this seemingly-evergreen property. There were selections pulled from many series, from Generation One, to Beast Wars, movies, Armada, IDW and Rescue Heroes. Time for your wallet to transform to open-mode and roll out!

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