BotCon 2014 Exclusive Con Set “Pirates vs. Knights” Scorponok Revealed

toy-news-and-talkToday the Transformers Collectors’ Club revealed the fourth figure in the 2014 BotCon Exclusive Con Set “Pirates vs. Knights.” The latest figure is another Decepticon Pirate, Scorponok. But there is a little more to it than just a Scorponok, this is the first Headmaster released in 25 years!

For the 30th anniversary we have pulled out all the stops and engineered from an existing mold the first Headmaster toy released in 25 years. Scorponok utilizes an original 1987 Headmaster mold, featuring an all-new cartoon accurate sculpted face, as the character Olin Zarak. To make the Headmaster function work, we also created a new rotating piece located in his chest cavity which, once Zarak is transformed, allows him to become the head of Scorponok in robot mode!

The Headmaster part of Scorponok, Olin Son of Zarak, is a retooling of the Spike Headmaster from the Encore Fortress Maximus reissue figure. Overall, I have to say this is pretty cool. Check out the images of the latest reveal mirrored below. (Source: BotCon)

UPDATE 4/8: A new image of Scorponok has been posted today. The new image shows off the other alt mode, a jet. It also gives a first look at Olin Zarak too.

botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-scorponok-alt-mode- botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-scorponok-robot-mode- botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-scorponok-alt-mode-jet

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