BotCon 2014 Exclusive Box Set Art Full Reveal

toy-news-and-talkYesterday the Transformers Collectors’ Club fully revealed the box art for the 2014 BotCon Exclusive Con Set, “Pirates vs. Knights.” I’m really liking it too. Some great work by Robby Musso. The TFCC says, “[t]he art, pencils inks and colors, was done by Robby Musso… We are thrilled with the final result!” What do you think? Kind of makes me a little sad to see them do such an awesome job here, but a craptastic one on the JoeCon 2014 Exclusive Box Set art.

Check out the great looking box art below, along with the exclusives from the set and exclusive con t-shirt. BotCon 2014 is next month, June 19–22 in Pasadena, California. You can register now (attending only) by going here. (Source: BotCon)

botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-box-art botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-figures-with-packaging botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-figures botcon-2014-decepticon-pirate-ferak-and-torando-robot-mode botcon-2014-decepticon-pirate-ferak-and-torando-alt-mode botcon-2014-decepticon-pirate-cannonball-robot-mode botcon-2014-decepticon-pirate-cannonball-alt-mode botcon-2014-cybertronian-knight-devcon-robot-mode botcon-2014-cybertronian-knight-devcon-alt-mode botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-scorponok-robot-mode- botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-scorponok-alt-mode- botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-scorponok-alt-mode-jet botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-ginrai-robot-mode botcon-2014-exclusive-con-set-ginrai-alt-mode botcon-2014-exclusive-t-shirt

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