BotCon 2013 Exclusive Machine Wars: Termination Set Obsidian Production Sample Images

toy-news-and-talkContinuing with their unveiling of the Machine Wars: Termination Box Set production samples, the Transformers Collectors’ Club has posted another set of images. The latest production sample to be shown off is of Obsidian. The BotCon 2013 Exclusive Machine Wars Obsidian figure uses the Transformers Voyager Class Hunt for Decepticons Highbrow/Generations Powerdive body with a new head sculpt. It was originally going to be a green color, but then after some feedback from fans, was changed to an aqua color. Now seeing these production sample images, I would say he’s a bit more gray-blue than aqua blue. You can check out images of both the robot and alt modes for Obsidian below, along with the other production samples that have been posted so far. BotCon 2013 is later this month, June 27–30 in San Diego, California.

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