Black Magick #2 (Image Comics), The Witch Hunt Continues!

Also available this week is the second issue of Black Magick, the new series from Greg Rucka (Lazarus, Batman, Daredevil, Cyclops, American Vampire) and Nicola Scott (Earth 2, Red Sonja, Secret Six, Teen Titans). The book is a modern-day tale of witches and a witch hunt, plus throw in some mystery and the occult.

The first issue was a great introduction for Rowan Black, a police detective and witch. Now this second issue continues to show more questions to us as the mystery behind who sent the man to kill Black in the first issue. Who is out for her? Is it someone from the coven? If not, does this person know about the coven, or just Rowan?

Like with the first issue, the first thing you will notice about this second is that it is black and white. Well tones of black and white. Apparently this was a decision made by Rucka and Scott to do early on. Color will be used, but used when magic is present. Definitely an interesting choice to have made and one you don’t see too often from the big publishers.

After the events of the first issue, Rowan is called into I.A.B. (Internal Affairs Bureau) for questioning since she was the last person to see the guy alive that attempted to kill her. Though it seems like she is in the clear, there is something to this scene that leads me to believe there is something more going on here with I.A.B.

Soon afterwards Rowan meets with her friend Alex, a fellow witch and member of the coven. She tells her about the guy that tried to kill her and what he said to her, her true name. This only deepens the mystery as neither knows who could be behind this.

By the end of the second issue, we have more questions than answers, but that is to be expected as we are just getting started.

The Good: The right amount of balance between the questions of the mystery and the answers we are given. Scott’s art continues to draw us into the story, aside from the fact that it is in black and white.

The Bad: Hmmm… I’m trying to find something bad, but nothing comes to mind yet.

Overall Black Magick #2 is another solid entry into the world of Rowan Black and I’m enjoying it a lot. As what is looking like a modern-day story about a witch hunt, this is refreshing to read and I recommend trying it out.

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