Black Bolt Returns In New UNCANNY INHUMANS Ongoing Series

Marvel’s continued push for to make the Inhumans a key element in the Marvel Universe, continues this April as Black Bolt returns in a new ongoing series. The silent Inhuman King returns in Uncanny Inhumans #0. This zero issue will be a prelude to the new ongoing series by Charles Soule and Steven McNiven.

Thought to be dead, and left his Queen and the rest of Inhumans behind, Black Bolt rises again on a new mission. As he strikes out on his own, his path will cross with one of the Avenger’s greatest enemies, Kang the Conqueror. With the mastery of time at his very fingertips, Kang will bend the entire 20,000 years of Inhuman history to his own vile ends. And the silent sentinel of the Inhuman Nation is all that stands in his way.

Will the Inhuman King rise in the face of growing threats to his people? Or will he fall? Find out when the secrets of Black Bolt’s journey comes to light in Uncanny Inhumans #0 which goes on sale this April. (Source: Marvel)

uncanny-inhumans-0-cover uncanny-inhumans-0-cover-bianchi-variant

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