‘Beware The Batman’ Season 1, Episode 9 “Control” Video Clips and Images

television-news-and-talkA new episode of Beware the Batman premieres tomorrow, and I have for you a couple of video clips to check out. In this week’s episode titled “Control“, the League of Assassins desperate to gain access to the Ion Cortex after the kidnapping failure of Dr. Jason Burr, they send one of their specialized agents to steal information from Dr. Burr’s mind. Half human and half computer upgrade, the assassin Agent Cypher breaks into Jason’s lab and takes over his mind. Batman and Katana try to stop him, but Katana inadvertently allows herself to be captured when she sees Jason being harmed. Now controlling both Jason and Katana, Cypher escapes with Batman in pursuit. Now, Batman must not only face Cypher, but his well-trained protégé Katana! Beware the Batman premieres on Saturday at 10am EST during DC Nation on Cartoon Network. (Images via ToonZone)

beware-the-batman-s1ep9-control-still-image-01 beware-the-batman-s1ep9-control-still-image-02 beware-the-batman-s1ep9-control-still-image-03 beware-the-batman-s1ep9-control-still-image-04

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