‘Beware The Batman’ Season 1, Episode 8 “Allies” Video Clip and Images

television-news-and-talkA new episode of Beware the Batman premieres tomorrow, and I have for you a video clip and some images to check out. During the episode titled “Allies“, Batman finally has the evidence to put away Tobias Whale, Gotham City’s most powerful gangster. Whale however, won’t go down so easy, as he has Barbara Gordon kidnapped to encourage Lieutenant Gordon to free him or else. Barbara is being held in “The Cauldron”, the most dangerous part of Gotham, even the cops are afraid to go there.

But Batman is not afraid, and with the help of Alfred and Katana, a rescue attempt is made. But some thugs called “The Ghosts” stand in the way, along with a mysterious and dangerous figure with a flaming head, who calls himself Phosphorous Rex, will surely give Batman more than he bargains for. Beware the Batman premieres on Saturday at 10am EST during DC Nation on Cartoon Network. (Images via ToonZone)

beware-the-batman-s1ep8-allies-still-image-01 beware-the-batman-s1ep8-allies-still-image-02 beware-the-batman-s1ep8-allies-still-image-03 beware-the-batman-s1ep8-allies-still-image-04 beware-the-batman-s1ep8-allies-still-image-05

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