A Behind The Scenes Look at Arrow’s “Suicide Squad” Episode Gives First Full Look at Harley Quinn

television-news-and-talkIf you watched the recent episode (March 19th) of Arrow titled, “Suicide Squad,” then you might have caught and heard a certain friend of Mr. J’s, Harley Quinn. She had a very brief cameo where a glimpse of her was in a promo for the episode, and her voice was done by Tara Strong (yes, THE Tara Strong), who has also voiced Harley Quinn in the Batman: Arkham video game series.

Now thanks to Michael Rowe who plays Deadshot, we have a behind the scenes look at the cast, and it shows us Cassidy Alexa as Harley Quinn. This is the first full look at the character since we only see the back of her head in the promo and nothing more. We can only hope she returns in the future and she gets more screen time. (Source: Instagram)


This pic was taken while we were filming ep 216 of Arrow, "Suicide Squad". #Deadshot #Diggle #Shrapnel #BronzeTiger #HarleyQuinn #AmandaWaller #SuicideSquad #MichaelRowe #DavidRamsey #MichaelJaiWhite #dccomics #arrow #argus #batman #arkhamorigins

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