Bay Responds to Leaked ‘Transformers 4′ Script: Says Not Legit…Wait, Maybe It is, Just Not His?

hollywood-movie-newsWell director Michael Bay has responded to the leaked supposed Transformers 4 script. His response, “not our movie!” The script that was uncovered by Unleash The Fanboy, is jam-packed with lots of old school Transformers goodness, so it should have been obvious from the get go that this wasn’t from Bay. Especially since it has the Dinobots in it and Bay has said multiple times he won’t put them in his movies.

“Some Internet sites this morning reported that some document recovery guy has found a legitimate 120 page script of Transformers 4. I can absolutely 100 percent say this is completely false. The only two people in the world that have our unfinished script are Kruger and myself. Also we are only up to page 70 in our T4 script. Maybe this guy has a cartoon or something else – but definitely not our movie!”

Now Bay is saying, well it could be legit, but just not his script. That it could be something from Hasbro for a comic or possibly animation tie-in project.

“I bet it is something from Hasbro. This time they are not doing a comic book of the movie because we want to keep our story under wraps. It must be their version of a comic themed Transformers story they are creating.”

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