Battlestar Galactica Fans Create the Coolest and Probably Costliest LARP Ever

it-came-from-the-interwebsI think many can agree, when it comes to LARP, some can be ridiculous and some can be pretty cool. I think what these Battlestar Galactica fans did is definitely the later. They put together a huge, live-action role-playing (LARP) game that is set in the BSG universe. Created in Sweden, the storyline includes 140 new characters created specifically for this event. The creators used more than $160,000 (yes, you read that right) to make the event happen which took place on a retired naval destroyer. The ship served as a stand-in for stories’ Colonial ship, the Monitor Celestra.

The LARP event took place over three 2-day sessions that allowed fans to play parts among the ship’s civilian crew facing a military boarding party. The story also included sleeper Cylon agents hidden among the crew. The creators are hoping to bring another session to the US, allowing for more Battlestar Galactica fans to take part in this huge event. If you visit The Verve, there are more details on this massive LARP event. (Source: The Verve)

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