Battlefield 4 “Naval Strike” Expansion Pack Trailer – Arrives Next Week for Premium Members

video-games-gaming-newsDICE and EA posted the trailer for the next Battlefield 4 expansion pack today. The third DLC for the popular first-person shooter is titled “Naval Strike,” and as you can guess has a lot of warfare on the water. If you have played any of the next maps that already take place on the water, you know how hard this is.

The Battlefield 4 “Naval Strike” Expansion Pack features four new multiplayer maps. It will be available on March 25th for Battlefield 4 Premium Members and then on April 8th for everyone. I haven’t head much time for gaming lately, but what little time I have had I put towards Battlefield 4 and it has been a blast. I’m definitely looking forward to this expansion pack next week. Check out the trailer below, it looks like a ton of fun.

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