Battlefield 4 Confirmed For Next-Gen Console Release

video-games-gaming-newsIGN is reporting some somewhat shocking news about Battlefield 4 today. It is reported that EA has confirmed that Battlefield 4 will be released for the next-gen consoles. Not sure how this will be affecting theif sales, especially since Sony and Microsoft have barely announced their consoles which won’t be available until the end of the year. Though Battlefield 4 isn’t supposed to be out until sometime next year. Will a year make a difference to help sales?

“We’ve been investing and innovating on new technology for months,” he wrote. “Console partners who have seen our early work agree, EA’s next-gen software is nothing short of astonishing.

“At a GameStop company meeting earlier this week, we gave 500 store managers a sneak peak [sic] at Battlefield 4. The game received a huge ovation and thousands of fans reacted to a single enthusiastic Tweet by GameStop’s CEO.”

The other odd thing about this news is, that you got an access pass to the Battlefield 4 Beta with the purchase of Medal of Honor Warfighter. Are they making the assumption that many will have upgraded their hardware to the PS4 in order to take advantage of the selling point? Or will be out of luck when it comes time if we don’t? I don’t know if I will be upgrading in time for Battlefield 4, so this is kind of a let down. I have hundreds of hours invested in Battlefield 3, going to be hard to wait longer to play the next installment. Source: IGN)

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  • Ss210

    Very interesting …well considering the amount of bf3 map pack,we will have plenty to play still
    .Im most likely skipping launch year to milk my ps3 some more.Lots of great games to play catch up while i wait out a few ps4 updates and maybe wait for a better ps4 hard drive package.Still, the idea of only playing bf4 for a year until bf5 comes out doesn’t sit well with me lol