Battlefield 3 ‘End Game’ DLC Starts Arriving This Week!

video-games-gaming-newsAs if I didn’t have enough distractions lately, looks like my productivity level is going to plummet even further. DICE has announced that the latest DLC for Battlefield 3 will start arriving this week. The “End Game” DLC, the last downloadable map pack for Battlefield 3 drops on Tuesday, March 5th for PlayStation 3 Premium Members, then on March 12th for Xbox 360 and PC Premium Members. For PlayStation 3 Non-Premium Members, they will have to wait until March 19th, and Xbox 360 and PC players on the 26th. Premium Members will be able to download this for free and the price for Non-Premium Members is most likely going to be $14.99 (12 Microsoft Points), though no official price has been announced. (Source: Battlefield Blog)

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