Battle Beasts Minimates Series 1 TRU Exclusives Arriving In Stores

toy-news-and-talkI know some still are having a hard time finding the specialty stores and comic shop release of Battle Beasts Minimates Series 1, but now the Toys R Us Exclusive Series 1 figures are arriving in stores. There are four 2-packs, eight figures in total, featuring six characters repainted in new decos, plus two new characters exclusive to Toys R Us. So start keeping an eye out for these. To celebrate their release, Diamond Select Toys put together a little stop-motion animated video. Check it out below, along with some images of the Battle Beasts Minimates Toys R Us Exclusive Series 1 figures.

  • Vorin the Ram vs. Scorpus the Scorpion (New Decos)
  • Merk the Falcon vs. Spidron the Tarantula (New Decos)
  • Gruntos the Walrus vs. Scalpus the Snake (New Decos)
  • Antalor the Moose vs. Nychirix the Bat (Exclusive)

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