Batman Is Gone, Long Live Bane-Bat!

comic-book-newsSo if you haven’t been following along in the latest of DC’s New 52 books, then you might have missed that the heroes are gone and the villains are running things. But one villain knows that because Batman is gone, someone needs to step up to keep the other villains in line. That person is, Bane!

In the next issue of Forever Evil: Arkham Wars, Bane builds himself a Batsuit to remind everyone why they should fear the Bat still. But will it be enough? If that doesn’t sound cool enough for you, how about Bane-Bat versus Killer Croc? Check this all out in Forever Evil: Arkham Wars #3 which goes on sale next month. You can see our first look at Bane-Bat in the teaser art below. (Source: DC Comics)


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