Batman: Arkham Origins Series 2 Killer Croc Deluxe Figure Revealed!

toy-news-and-talkPardon me, that was just my jaw hitting the floor at the unveiling of the Batman: Arkham Origins Series 2 Killer Croc Deluxe Figure. Holy hell is this thing awesome. Revealed at IGN, the Killer Croc stands 10 inches tall, towering over Batman! It was sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios and they did an incredible job with it. It says that the Batman: Arkham Origins Killer Croc Figure will arrive in March, and will retail for $24.95. Which almost seems like it is wrong, because that is a steal at that price. Check out a couple of images featuring the Killer Croc below. (Source: IGN)

UPDATE: You can pre-order Killer Croc from BigBadToyStore here. It is priced at $22.99.

dc-collectibles-batman-arkham-origins-killer-croc-deluxe-figure-01 dc-collectibles-batman-arkham-origins-killer-croc-deluxe-figure-02

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  • SS

    Its seems like they are not wrong about the prices but just being reasonable and getting back to their senses after seeing the sales of MS that DS is getting and DCC’s not…so its about time the bigger company gives the better prices while small companies are in and way up ahead in the game already.