Batman and Star Wars Wacky Wisecracks From Funko

toy-news-and-talkNew from Funko’s Wacky Wisecracks bobbleheads line comes Batman and Star Wars witty Wisecracks. Under the Batman line comes the Dark Knight himself and his deadliest villain, The Joker.

For the Star Wars line-up, Han Solo and his loyal companion, Chewbacca. Both the Batman and Star Wars Wacky Wisecracks will be available on December 24th. So not quit in time for the holidays, but will be here soon enough. (Source: Funko)

funko-dc-comics-wacky-wisecracks-batman funko-dc-comics-wacky-wisecracks-the-joker funko-star-wars-wacky-wisecracks-chewbacca funko-star-wars-wacky-wisecracks-han-solo

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