Bandai S.H. Figuarts Star Wars Figures Announced

S.H. Figuarts Star Wars

Bandai has announced that its S.H Figuarts line of highly-detailed, hyper-poseable action figures is adding a new license: Star Wars.

The first two characters to in development for the S.H. Figuarts Star Wars figure line are Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper. Darth Vader is based on his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back and includes what’s being referred to as a “moveable” cloak,  lightsaber and switch out hands. Pricing for Vader has yet to be determined and a 2015 release is anticipated. The Stormtrooper includes his trusty blaster pistol and, like Vader, does not have a determined price, but is also slated for a 2015 release.

In addition to the S.H. Figuarts line, a second series of figures named the Movie Realization line–overseen by artist Takayuki Takeya, of Kamen Rider fame, and sculpted by Junichi Taniguchi–is also in the works. The Movie Realization line also includes Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper, but this time the figures will be designed in a Japanese Samurai aesthetic. The Movie Realization Darth Vader will ship in the winter of 2014, for an undetermined price, and there are no additional details on the Movie Realization Stormtrooper.

S.H. Figuarts figures range in price from $35-$50 depending on the license, but we understand that Bandai may not have rights to export these outside Japanese borders, at the moment. We expect more details about Bandai’s Star Wars lines during this weekend’s Tokyo Toy Show.

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  • If anyone is interested in taking my 2 Hasbro Black Series Stormtroopers off my hands, let me know. Hello Bandai, goodbye unsightly Hasbro pin joints!

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  • APJ

    LMAO tell me about it

  • Adam-Brandy Holt

    These look FANTASTIC but there is no way I can afford those prices once the line gets rolling. I would happily pay $20-$25 for a 3.75″ figure of this quality but $35+… Too rich for my blood. I will just have to live with whatever Hasbro manages to cough up.

    • The one thing that people aren’t factoring with the 6-inch lines is you won’t get the same number of figures in a 6-inch line as you would in a 3-3/4, so depending on what you collect you could up paying more per figure, but spending less overall. I’m actually planning on selling off my 3-3/4-inch collection because it’s just become too large to manage or appreciate.

      • Adam-Brandy Holt

        Every collector is a little different. For clarification, I did mean that I would pay $20 for a showroom quality 3.75″ figure but for me personally, paying $35+ for an action figure, no matter the scale or quality is too much.

        • I totally understood and appreciate your point. I’d just have hard time paying $20 for 3-3/4 inch figure after paying $5 for them at one point (it’s why I stopped collecting G.I. Joe). I know the $5 price was years ago, but I just don’t trust that we’ll get showroom quality from Hasbro even if we pay the $20. I look at how the 3-3/4 Yoda and Dagobah Luke have devolved from the concept sketches and it just solidifies my rationale. To me, getting a definitive version of a character for $35+ is a better deal b/c I know I’ll only need to buy that figure once instead of once a year. I guess I’ve just become disillusioned with the 3-3/4-inch Hasbro line, which is sad because 3-3/4 has been my focus since I started collecting in the early ’80s.

          • Nathaniel Morin

            I agree with your statement that paying a premium price for a definitive version of a character, but I would like a premium line to include an assortment of core, secondary, and even a few specialty characters. I want Luke, Vader and stormtrooper, but I’d also like Tarkin, R5-D4, and Momaw NA on. It would even be cool to see someone like Amanaman eventually show up. The thing I find frustrating with the Hasbro line is the fact that they have already produced several ultimate versions of figures, yet still feel the need to backtrack and pump out a new, usually inferior version. Great case in point, the horrid new Yoda. Either that, or they produce a line marketed as higher quality and geared for collectors, only to offer garbage like the Black Series 6 inch slave Leia.

          • I think a premium line can incorporate secondary and specialty characters, but that depends on how well the line is doing. Bandai’s Saint Seiya line has been going 10 years strong and they have gone beyond secondary and are dipping into tertiary characters. What’s amazing about that is the line includes characters with unique die-cast armor so the figures range in price from $60-$120. In fact, the Bandai team even told me that some characters they make are in such demand that they have to do multiple production runs because they don’t have the capacity to do a single run that would meet demand. Star Wars can be that successful, but it has to be managed right and I just don’t see Hasbro doing that because they’ve been cutting so many corners over the years. You nailed it when you eluded to Hasbro’s stated commitment to make a collector figures, but constant struggle to follow through on that commitment. I’ve lost faith in Hasbro.

          • Adam-Brandy Holt

            Me too. Hasbro set a new standard in the Legacy-VC era with improved quality at reasonable prices. I’m disappointed to say the least at how much the quality has gone down and the price keeps going up. I would love to see someone else take over that line if they can’t get their quality back up to VC standards and fix these distribution problems. I do get the 6″ OT figures but don’t see the line going past core characters and vintage classics like Yak Face, Ponda Baba, etc. I would love to see someone take a crack at 3.75 but I would want them to start by filling in the holes Hasbro has left and no one would ever start a new line with Fu-Man-Chu and Brock Starsher.

    • APJ

      Live with whatever Hasbro manages to cough up? I understand your view but that’s sad :(

      Toy companies too often have given us cheap toys for what
      we do pay, offering up a chance for a variant that “fixes” the old
      toy. How many Darth Vaders do I need? I would rather pay the premium that
      includes ALL display options than Hasbro’s “here’s a cloth cape, here’s a
      cloth tunic, here’s a removable helmet, here’s a proper scale, here’s a
      corrected light saber” game. Because guess what? You just paid that
      premium price.

      • That’s the unfortunate thing is that @adambrandyholt:disqus had no choice but Hasbro until now. Think about the 12-inch “shampoo bottle” figures Hasbro were producing and compare those to Disney’s new 12-inch figures with electronics & sounds. The Hasbro figures were the butt of our jokes as collectors (hence the shampoo bottle name), but when we saw the Disney figures there was a different sentiment. I can’t tell you how many times I heard something along the lines of “Wow! These might actually be pretty cool.” What’s different? The effort from competition. I’m hoping that at the very least competition from companies like Bandai and Medicom force Hasbro to step up their game and offer us the best they can make and not just more of “it’s good enough for now.”

        • Adam-Brandy Holt

          I couldn’t agree more.

      • Adam-Brandy Holt

        I understand your logic and respect whatever direction someone wants to take their personal collection. Your line of logic is completely, well logical, if all someone collects is core characters. Me personally, I collect every OT character. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Vizam and am now looking forward to Ree-Yees and Sergeant Doallyn. There are simply too many characters in the OT alone for a company to make premium formats of every single one, not to mention affording to start collecting a new scale and line from ground zero. So, you may be right in your argument with regards to Darth Vader and other core characters. It also depends on how you want to display characters. If you just want to display 1 of each character on your shelf then this is for you. For me, I like displays so having multiple Darth Vaders is actually okay. If Hasbro puts out a Vader that isn’t updated enough for me to purchase, then I don’t buy it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there won’t be a day when Hasbro ruins their line for me but they haven’t yet. Not as long as they keep “coughing up” new and updated characters once in a while.

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