BAIT’s G.I. Joe Cybernetic Storm Shadow On Display At 1000Toys Exhibition

BAIT Storm Shadow by 1000 ToysBAIT, the company behind the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive cybernetic Snake Eyes, is showing off their next sixth-scale G.I. Joe figure, the cybernetic Storm Shadow, at the 1000Toys Exhibition in Tokyo.

According to Hasbro’s Derryl Depriest, whom we spoke to at SDCC in July, BAIT developed Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow based on a story that takes place in a parallel universe where the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow take the form of synthetic humans. Each character is instantly recognizable, but their human attributes have been “upgraded” to cybernetic parts. While the “robotification” wasn’t as evident in their Snake Eyes figure, BAIT’s Storm Shadow has a distinct red cybernetic eye replacing the character’s human eyes.

BAIT’s G.I. Joe line is officially licensed by Hasbro, with the figures developed by 1000Toys, hence the inclusion at the exhibition. Pricing and release information have not been announced, but as a point of reference, Snake Eyes was priced $230.

Source: @WisteriaLodge38

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