Awesome ‘Iron Man 3′ Concept Art, Including Early War Machine & Mark 42 Designs

hollywood-movie-newsLots of work goes into making movies these days. Even before production can begin there are lots to do. That includes concept art too. Thanks to conceptual illustrator Phil Saunders, we have some really awesome looking concept art from Iron Man 3 to check out. He started to post some of his designs for some of the various Iron Man suits of armor and of Savin, the Extremis soldier. Saunders also shared some background details about the look of Savin we see below.

“In early versions of the script Extremis was based on Nanotechnology like in the comic book, and would have constructed some sort of internal armor structure to grant the enhanced soldiers super-strength and near-invulnerability. thematically they would have been a reflection of Tony Stark, wearing their “suits” internally rather than externally. Makeup would have subtly suggested that structure by deforming their skin in a mechanical way.” – Phil Saunders

There is also a few images of early designs for War Machine and the Mark 42 armor to check out too. Some pieces were carried over into the final design, like War Machine‘s helmet and side intakes were incorporated into concept artist, Ryan Meinerding‘s final design as seen in the movie. You can check out the art that has been posted mirrored below. (Source: Phil Saunders via CBM)

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