Avengers NOW! DEATHLOK #1 Review

Last week on Wednesday, Marvel Comics released their latest attempt at a Deathlok series. The character Deathlok has had a long history in the Marvel Universe, with more than one taking up the name. It is this latest series that it looks like Marvel is trying something different. The series is written by Nathan Edmondson, whose work I have thoroughly enjoyed with this creator-owned project The Activity from Image Comics to his Punisher and Black Widow series currently at Marvel Comics. Edmondson is joined by Artist Mike Perkins, whose work I’m not terribly familiar with, but I will certainly be paying more attention to now.

As I mentioned, this new Deathlok does feel different from anything previously done with the character. First off you’ll notice his appearance is different from past incarnations that featured a more dead-like zombie looking appearance. In this new series, Deathlok is alive and well (or at least we are lead to belive). This could be done to make the character more marketable, which makes sense.

Henry Hayes is the new Deathlok, but he doesn’t know it. He believes he travels around the world with Doctors Without Borders doing good. But what he doesn’t know is that the Deathlok programming is triggered without when “trigger words” are read or spoken to him. Then all hell breaks loose. Hayes believes he was injured while off saving lives with the Doctors Without Borders, and that his cybernetic enhancements were a savior from the mysterious Biotek. Little does he know that they have created the ultimate killing machine that gets reset like a video game at the end of each mission.

This latest version of Deathlok first appeared earlier this year in Original Sins #1, the Original Sin tie-in series. After reading the short story in that book I was definitely hooked on the character and looked forward to reading more. Well now that issue #1 is out, I’m craving some more. Edmondson hooks you in with more questions to ask and doesn’t give you any answers, yet. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this series develops, and if it is anything like his Black Widow and Punisher books, then this is going to be a wild ride. If you thought about picking it up, I suggest you give it a shot.

Deathlok #1 is available now at your local comic shops or digitally from comiXology.

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