The first issue of the All-New Captain America has arrived. First revealed months ago that Steve Rogers had lost the Super Solider Serum. The same serum that has kept him from aging and the source of his strength. With it gone, he is now a frail old man and no longer able to be Captain America. This means a new hero must take up the mantle and the one worthy of the name is none other than Sam Wilson, formerly known as Falcon.

This is Sam’s first outing as the new Cap and he shows he can handle things just fine as he enters a Hydra facility looking for an informant. Once inside, he meets up with an undercover asset after a pretty funny scene that involves Sam, his shield (well, Cap’s shield really), and some Hydra agents. One of which turns out to be Ian Zola, the test tube creation of Arnim Zola, rescued by Steve Rogers in Dimension Z. He appears here in his new role as the new Nomad.

One of Cap’s more well-known foes makes an appearance here, Batroc. He also appears to be sporting a new look that quite a departure from his other costumes. Sam manages to go toe-to-toe with Batroc and holds his own. By the end of the issue Sam does get himself a difficult situation that will be interesting to see him get out of.

The All-New Captain America series is headed up by Rick Remender, who picks up from his work on the previous volume without skipping a beat. Remender is joined by fan favorite artist, Stuart Immonen. The art on this book looks amazing, Immonen has become one of the best artists in the industry and it shows why here on these page. I’m glad he’s working on this book now.

I know many were pretty vocal about the change for Captain America. Most being upset that Steve Rogers would no longer be throwing the shield. But there is nothing to worry about, Sam Wilson fills the position just fine. This also isn’t the first time that someone other than Rogers was called Captain America and he is sure to return. So get yourself a copy of the All-New Captain America #1 and see for yourself, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

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