Avengers Infinite Series 1 and Marvel Universe Final Wave “Second Chance” Pre-Orders at BBTS

toy-news-and-talkIf you have been patiently waiting for the pre-orders to arrive for Hasbro’s latest 3.75″ line of Marvel super hero figures, then you have been rewarded. Online retailer BigBadToyStore has listed the Avengers Infinite Series 1 figures today. Along with the Avengers Infinite, it looks like Hasbro is giving collectors another opportunity to get a few of the hard to find figures from the last two waves of Marvel Universe.

The case pack out for the Marvel Universe 2014 Series 1, the final wave of figures, will consist of:

  • Marvel Universe Abomination or A-Bomb (x2)
  • Marvel Universe Alpha Flight: Northstar or Aurora (x1)
  • Marvel Universe Black Knight (x1)
  • Marvel Universe Cloak or Dagger (x2)
  • Marvel Universe Colossus (x1)
  • Marvel Universe Gray Hulk, 2013 Version (x1)
  • Marvel Universe Mysterio (x1)
  • Marvel Universe Nova (x1)
  • Marvel Universe Rhino (x1)
  • Marvel Universe Thanos (x1)

As thankful as I am to see this, not too crazy about them reissuing some of those figures (Colossus, Gray Hulk and Thanos) that I still see on pegs now. I don’t understand why it can’t be a full case of both of the last two waves?

And for the highly anticipated Avengers Infinite 2014 Series 1, we have the following case assortment:

  • Avengers Infinite Series Captain America (x2)
  • Avengers Infinite Series Heroic Age Iron Man (x3)
  • Avengers Infinite Series Platinum Grim Reaper (x2)
  • Avengers Infinite Series Platinum (Marvel NOW!) Hulk (x2)
  • Avengers Infinite Series Platinum Hyperion (x2)
  • Avengers Infinite Series Platinum Wasp (x1)

Oh Hasbro, you were so close on this one. So, very close. Why is Wasp, which is sure to be one of the most demanded figures from this wave only one per case? And Iron Man is three? Seriously? Do we not already have enough Iron Man figures on the pegs? And Captain America will be on the pegs with his own line of figures, so why give us two of him? Both of those figures have seen way too many releases over the history of the Marvel Universe line and you go and ruin what could have been a stellar case assortment with this.

Well get your pre-orders in now, no telling how these will sell at retail once they arrive. Good luck!

marvel-universe-2014-series-1-case-assortment avengers-infinite-2014-series-1-case-assortment avengers-infinite-2014-wave-1-platinum-grim-reaper avengers-infinite-2014-wave-1-platinum-marvel-now-hulk avengers-infinite-2014-wave-1-hyperion avengers-infinite-2014-wave-1-platinum-wasp avengers-infinite-2014-wave-1-heroic-age-iron-man avengers-infinite-2014-wave-1-captain-america

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