Avatars Return in Latest XBox One System Update

Xbox One AvatarsThe first Xbox One system update for 2016 hits BETA users next week and the big news is that Microsoft is bringing back avatars.

Xbox avatars are player-designed virtual characters connected to profiles–think Mii. While some people choose to style their avatar after themselves, there have been some interesting tweaks over the years that have resulted in players taking on the virtual likenesses of movie heroes, video game characters, and even celebrities. In addition to looking like you (or someone else), avatars can be styled with your favorite brands and swag from the Xbox Marketplace Avatar Store for the ultimate in personalization.

Besides the return of Xbox Avatars, the latest system update includes a curated trending topics content tab, improves recommendations for suggested friends, allows players to see who’s in a friend’s party before joining, features a revamped leaderboard comparing total and 30-day Gamerscores, and has expanded Twitch integration.

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