Asmus Toys to Expand LOTR Fellowship with Merry and Pippin Sixth-Scale Figures

Asmus Toys Merry and Pippin

If you’ve been collecting sixth-scale Lord of the Rings figures since Sideshow Collectibles had license, you were undoubtedly disappointed when Sideshow canceled the line without completing the fellowship of nine. Besides Gimli the Dwarf, Hobbits Merry and Pippin were not produced leaving a gap in many fans’ collections. Now, thanks to Asmus Toys, the fellowship is one step closer to completion.

Asmus Toys has released a photo indicating that Merry and Pippin are the next figures in their sixth-scale Lord of the Rings collection. While a lot has changed since the last of Sideshow’s LOTR figures were released in 2008, the Merry and Pippen figures plug Sideshow’s gap, for now, until Asmus completes their version of the fellowship, improving upon Sideshow’s offerings. Besides noting that Merry and Pippen are in the works, Asmus Toys did not provide any other information about the pair or if, in fact, they’ll be offered as a pair, at all.

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