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As the summer convention season winds down, we can’t help but wonder what’s next from Mattel, especially since they won’t be attending New York Comic Con in October. How will Mattel reveal new subscription figures usually reserved for NYCC? How will we be able to buy traveling convention exclusive figures if the pattern continues? This and more in our September 1 edition of Ask Matty!

Pop Critica: 
The Mattycollector DC Total Heroes Ultra figures are so fun, dynamic, and accessory-heavy. Have you considered producing the retail figures with the same removable-style heads and hands, and include the bonus accessories with the Ultra Mattycollector-exclusive ones to better complement the retail line?

You would need to ask this question to the DC retail team. Here at “Ask Matty” we only handle questions for product sold online on!

DC Retail Team: Really glad that you are happy with the Total Heroes line and although I can’t reveal spoilers, there are two new figures in the works!

Pop Critica: 
How do you see releasing army builders like Horde Troopers in the MOTU Minis line? Fans would prefer not to buy extra unnecessary She-Ra and Snake Mountain pieces, and having identical Horde Troopers in multiple two-packs keeps other characters from seeing release sooner. Thoughts?

At this point there are no plans for a single release but in time this would definitely be something we’d like to get to!

Pop Critica: 
If Mattel won’t be attending any of the conventions like PowerCon, New York Comic Con, or Comikaze in 2015 (similar to 2014), how will customers be able to purchase the convention-exclusive Skeletor’s Hover Robots?

Currently we do not know what conventions Mattel may be attending in 2015, but just like each year, the individuals cons are given the option to purchase the “traveling con” figure from and resell at their show.

Pop Critica: 
Is there any way to substitute one of Skeletor’s Hover Robots with one of Plundor’s Rabbots? He could use the reinforcements!

Nope. Cool idea however!

Pop Critica: 
With a drought of reveals before Toy Fair, would the Four Horsemen please bring along the next few Masters prototypes as a Club Eternia 2015 sneak preview for Mattycollectors attending the New York Comic Con? Perhaps with an accompanying email announcement like before?

Likely we will be revealing the next group of figures online on our news section the weekend of NYCC. Whether or not we can send physical samples to NYCC for the Horsemen to display at their event or booth remains to be seen, but the door is not closed to that.

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