Ask Matty: May 1, 2014 Edition

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It’s the top of the month and time for us to quiz’s marketing manager Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich with a fresh batch of questions for the bimonthly Ask Matty question and answer series.

Pop Critica:
The Fisher Price Imaginext vehicles Alpha Blade Exporer, Alpha Exosuit, Ion Scorpion, and Ion Crab appear “inspired” from the Roton, Stilt Stalkers, Scorpia’s Scorpion Tank, and Spydor, and would all make fun additions to the MOTUC line! Purely speculation, but what do you think the price-point would be for these vehicles scaled up to MOTUC Scale (or even Mini-Masters scale)?

There are just too many hypotheticals involved for us to be able to answer this. (Hypothetical) Vehicles for the Classics line would run anywhere from $50-$200+ if that helps. There is a lot of tooling and development needed.

Pop Critica: 
My figures look amazing when posed using your Flying Stands 2.0. Why haven’t flying and swimming characters like Hydron, Flutterina, Madame Razz, etc, been photographed on the Mattycollector store using the flight stands? It seems to me they would make a very easy up-sell for you, renew interest in a stagnant product, and they are fortunately available for purchase.

All of the product is shot as it comes out and while the flying stands might enhance them, they are not always available when we shoot figures.

Pop Critica: 
Have you considered re-designing the Meteorbs to transform like the Rock Warriors, maybe giving them a cohesive history along with the Rock Warriors? Perhaps as steeds or battle companions if you get to them?

We have discussed the Meteorbs many times. We’ll just have to wait and see if and when we get to them how they could be executed.

Pop Critica: 
I have seen some fantastic third party accessories made for MOTUC, which only adds to the excitement, but I much prefer to purchase first-party official Mattel product. Can you please reconsider a “new Weapons pack” with all-new weapons in a post-2015 MOTUC subscription?

While we are big fans of the Weapon Paks, we need every sku avail in 2014-2015 to wrap up the line before prices get too high. Additionally, the paks we have done in the past have slowly dwindled in interest and are not hitting the numbers we need to continue them. They are officially done at this time.

Pop Critica: 
Would Dare/He-Ro II and Skeleteen finally usher in a new slender “teen” buck, or will they use the standard buck we have seen with the rest of the line?

That honestly remains to be seen. Right now no plans to announce for either of them. But maybe one day down the road.

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  • I think the reason the interest in the Weapons Paks dwindled is because there wasn’t anything interesting in them; most were repaints with only 3 or 4 new weapons. I’d like to see a Weapons Pak approached from a more creative perspective, where the weapons are ALL new. Maybe throw in a head, or even throw in some accessories that can completely convert a figure into something new. For example (I know it’s too late now and this may not be the *best* example because of the unique tooling on the torso and limbs, but humor the concept), instead of creating a new Intergalactic Skeletor, include the parts to create one in the weapons pack. You’d take the existing Skeletor figure and swap out the head, chest armor and other parts to create the new figure.