Ask Matty: June 15, 2014 Edition

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Our latest batch of answers for Ask Matty are back and’s Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich tackles questions about the future of the ’66 Batman Classics line, Masters of the Universe Classic design choices and convention exclusives.

Pop Critica:
It’s been stated that the 1966 Batmobile would see re-release, along with the addition of Surf’s Up Joker in the main line. The Batmobile has surfaced, but is there an update on Surf’s Up Joker? Meaning, if the line doesn’t continue via retail, could he/the line continue via, as a non-sub item, or show exclusive?

There are no plans at this time to extend the Batman 1966 line on For specific questions about the line, please refer to the retail team. We can only answer questions on “Ask Matty” for product offered on

Pop Critica: 
Has there been any talk about giving Power Con and New York Comic Con their own separate MOTUC show exclusives for 2015 and beyond? Maybe give NYCC a “new character” and Power Con a desired palette swap (PoP deco, mini-comic deco, FilMation deco etc)?

Unfortunately we simply do not have enough slots per year to do dedicated figures for every convention. Pretty much this is why we create a “traveling” convention figure, so much like Barbie, we have a special item each year that can make it out to the non SDCC shows!

Pop Critica: 
If you go the route of 200X variants post-2015, thinking about Roboto and King Hssss specifically, would you consider keeping the main body the same as the vintage versions with the corrected shoulders and build new pieces around that? It would give some of us an opportunity to “fix” the previous versions, and give Mattel multiple purchases. It was great to have that option with Bubble Power She-Ra, and hope figures like Roboto, King Hssss can benefit from this too!

Anything is possible, but we simply don’t have anything like this in the hopper right now to comment on specifically. But we do like to think ahead for how fans can customize their figures with previous or upcoming parts (like the new Faker head coming with Skeletor in Aug!)

Pop Critica: 
It has been mentioned on some forums that the He-Man torso buck is wider on the newer figures than the originals. Perhaps it was re-tooled? Thinking ahead, if you do Oo-lar, would he be able to wear the tighter armor that comes with the Goddess?

Figure do vary figure by figure due to production logistics, but there is no direct 2.0 male torso that was created. If we do an “Oo-lar” figure, yes it ideally should work with the existing He-Man armor that came with the Goddess

Pop Critica: 
Frosta has distinctly beautiful upper legs, especially from the back. Would Mattel or the Horsemen look into/budget smoothing out the boot details on Frosta’s upper leg, and make those the new default upper legs for our female figures. They are gorgeous!

A great suggestion and one we are happy to pass along.

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