Ask Matty: Aug 1, 2014 Edition

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It was a very crazy San Diego Comic-Con (even by Comic-Con standards)! As we settle in with our regularly-scheduled program, Matty took the time to answer another batch of questions.

Pop Critica: 
If the Classics line is ending, will we see a continuation of the He-Man franchise in the current scale using the same buck body, but packaged/branded in another fashion?

We need to sell in 2015 first before we can comment on anything beyond that. One step at a time!

Pop Critica: 
While the process hasn’t always been flawless, it can be said the major kinks in the’s subscription model have been worked out. The model has made buying toys relatively easy and stress free (conpared to retail) and we’d love to see it continue with additional licenses. Would you be open to creating a survey/poll with fan-requested properties that you could potentially tackle next to ensure MattyCollector lives on beyond DCUC and MOTUC?

We would love to hear from fans what other properties they would like to see offered on!

Pop Critica: 
If there is another mini-sub in 2015 to run parallel with Club Eternia, can Digital River work out a system to merge shipping in the first month? Shipping Double Mischief separately from Flogg was really expensive and unnecessary.

No, merged shipping only works logistically in the second month so we make sure to clearly state that ahead of time (should there be an add on sub in 2015).

Pop Critica: 
Why were SDCC pre-orders charged home state tax (different for each state) for an item being picked up in California with a price already incorporating California sales tax?

Regulations. Something we don’t have much control over.

Pop Critica: 
On a recent podcast, it was stated that FilMation Hordak’s new head would have been costed out if interest in this specific head was asked for in advance on forums. We like that Mattel listens, but it seems when a specific suggestion is made about a character in the Q&As to avoid this problem, the same template answer is given: “we do not have a [insert character] to announce so there isn’t anything specific to comment on”. Can you please clarify if/how our suggestions can be heard before the figure is costed out?

We are always reading comments online, talking to fans at cons and running polls. All of these information channels help filter back to our design team when trying to deliver fan requests in the line.

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