Ask Matty: Aug 15, 2014 Edition

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As we await the fate of the future of the line, Matty took the time to respond to a few post-SDCC questions. Thanks again to Mattel for taking the time!

Pop Critica: 
After seeing the Matty Comic-Con slideshow presentation, why were Sweet Bee’s antennae moved from her tiara to atop her head?

We are still reviewing where in the process this choice was made or required and would be happy to get more specifics as soon as possible.

Pop Critica: 
Is there a reason why skirt slits for riding steeds have never been executed after Bubble Power She-Ra for the other PoP characters?

These are creative choices by design and the Four Horsemen on a figure by figure basis. There is no overarching rule.

Pop Critica: 
First, thank you so much for making Arrow! Are the stirrups for show, or will Bow be able to slide his feet in them?

His feet can slide into them!

Pop Critica: 
The Ninjor prototype appeared to have standard hands, with a bow with bowstring and arrow permanently affixed like the original figure. Will the prototype be translated in production to have archer-wrist articulation and a string-less Bow and separate arrow, like Bow?

You are correct in your review of the prototype. For safety reasons the arrow is permanent in the bow and Ninjor does not have ball jointed wrists. His huge amount of accessories and removable “Jitsu” belt deliver quite a lot!

Pop Critica: 
Lizard Man has no accessories of his own, rather he includes the Diamond Ray of Disappearance and Skeletor’s bone sword. What weapon(s) or accessory do you see the Classics version including?

We think you answered your own question. Lizard Man comes with the Diamond Ray of Disappearance and Skeletor’s Filmation sword.

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