Ask Matty: July 1, 2014 Edition

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With Mattel’s announcement that 2015 would be the final year for Masters of the Universe Classics, we  took the opportunity to Ask Matty about potential design changes, the  future of playsets, and the likelihood of an updated figure poster.

Pop Critica: 
The suggestion about using smoothed out Frosta’s upper legs as default legs has received some really positive feedback. How soon could this specific suggestion be implemented for the female figures?

Any suggestion take 12-24 months to go from “idea” to seeing it in a toy. We will be happy to pass this along to design.

Pop Critica: 
Given double the work it takes to make a playset, have you given thought to annual playsets after the figure line wraps up? Maybe as a Holiday MattyCollector/1st pickup at Power Con item?

At this point our focus is selling in the 2015 sub. After that we can look into the future and what is possible.

Pop Critica: 
It was stated “a large chunk of presale customers who committed to purchasing a castle never did” as the reason that Mattel is shy about Snake Mountain. I understand the numbers tell the story, but can you speak a bit as to why you feel the metrics are as they are? Many have said they canceled their preorders due to the smaller height, the drawbridge, throne, dungeon, among other down-sizing issues not living up to what Mattel had shown in the B-Sheet for $250. Was it better to sell it at $300 (still in your estimated range) and giving us everything promised including scale? Was it just padding pre-orders on the part of the customers? I know Toyguru would love Snake Mountain, too, so what lessons does Mattel take away from the Castle Grayskull campaign that you see being carried forward when/if offering Snake Mountain?

The biggest lesson we learned was “how to make a giant collector scaled playset”. When we started Grayskull it was a little fuzzy how big we could get and how much it might physically weigh. Now that we have made one, it is easier to estimate these things in the planning process.

Pop Critica: 
From ToyGuru: “It is up to you presale customers! Claim your castle and help make snake mountain a possibility” As someone who would love a Snake Mountain, would I be able to help out a fellow pre-sale customer by purchasing their preorder at $250 with the poster?

Your best bet is to connect with a pre sale customer who has not picked up their castle and have them complete their purchase. What they can do is call CS and change the shipping address so it comes to you (and you can work out with him/her paying them back for the purchase price). We can’t just transfer their purchase order to someone else.

Pop Critica: 
The poster that came with Castle Grayskull now seems incomplete with the new figures. Have you given thought to doing a full collection (maybe even painted renditions like the old cardbacks) poster when the line ends? Maybe poster sets with the Castle Grayskull box art, and other dioramas highlighting Eternia, Etheria, Preternia, and Denebria?

Likely we will revisit a poster like this every 2-3 years once enough figures have been released to justify an updated poster. Doing a new one each year or every few months will not be worth the time and energy (and cost!)

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