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Each month,’s marketing manager Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich takes on the daunting task of appeasing the masses, setting Internet rumor straight and answering fan questions related to Matty Collector brands. For April, we asked Scott five questions about one of our personal favorite toy lines, Masters of the Universe Classics.

Pop Critica:
By process of elimination, fans pretty much know 90% of the line-up for Club Eternia 2015, and should buy when it’s time. Have you considered a pre-SDCC Club Eternia 2015 sub drive, with an incentive like if you pre-order before July, you would get 2 sub-exclusive items instead of one (additional cost included), i.e. a new weapons pack (with all new weapons)?

We are looking at opening the club early, but there likely will not be a bonus figure with this. Although we might be able to put together an offer or a discount coupon for those subing in early. Stand by while we look into this!

Pop Critica: 
The Unnamed One is revealed, and is a pretty neat figure. Why the decision of an extra head and spell blast over, say, pieces to transform him from Gorpo to UNO like Kronis or Marlena?

Both of those accessories were things the Four Horsemen specifically wanted to add. Like most figures, we pretty much leave it to them to come up with all the awesome accessories for all figures! Including a pre-Unnamed One Gorpo (i.e. an Orko repaint) isn’t off the table, but that would have been too much to squeeze into the UNO figure and would have made UNO a 2-pack.

Pop Critica: 
While you are looking at the polls running right now on for potential 2016 line-up ideas, are you still considering doing v2.0 characters as variants with improved articulation and plus up accessories? It appears even The Mighty Spector would benefit from double knee articulation and new laser weapons.

We are definitely looking at the potential of 2.0 characters in 2016. But not until 2016 at the earliest!

Pop Critica: 
Can you please ensure that the vibrant gold and bight white paint used on Light Hope will be replicated exactly as it is on the prototype, and not dampened for his production figure?

No we can not make this absolute promise. Final product always changes from hand made prototypes, but we will always do our best!

Pop Critica: 
With a secondary mini-subscription appearing for the second consecutive year, is this something we can expect in 2015 as well? Or were these two years done specifically to finish the roadmap on schedule?

We need to wait and see the sell in of the main 2015 sub as well as day-of sales of the first few figures before we look into an add-on sub for 2015.

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